Forewarned is forearmed !

  • The name Terre Rouge refers to the red soil that covers the whole area. The red sandstone contrasts with the plants and trees to create breathtaking landscapes… But, when it rains, this soil can become quite sticky…Think about it if you plan to go hiking off the tracks!
  • Terre Rouge is situated on a hill that is 3-hectares wide. 10 free camping sites and 11 furnished tents are spread in the whole area.
  • Around you, you will find no mobile-homes or chalets, only nature!
  • The beauty of the place lies in the hilly landscape but you will have no difficulty going up and down the site. A furnished tent with its private bathroom in the sanitary, and a free camping site have been installed down the hill, close to the parking place and facilities for people with reduced mobility.
  • Remember you are on holiday in nature and your car will have to stay at the parking, so bring only what is necessary!
  • You can find all you need in the village.
  • Try to avoid bringing valuables with you. You will find an ATM in the village.
  • We accept payments by card or by cheque.

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